Public Position Papers

Scientific position papers of the National Association of Medical Examiners have a 5 year sunset limitation. Any scientific paper listed which has a publication date greater than 5 years is NOT to be considered the official position of NAME. Administrative position papers and position statements do not sunset unless determined to do so by NAME leadership.

Important note on "Draft" Papers, which are submitted to members for comment when applicable (and available only during review on a separate page of this web site):

Please note that DRAFTS are posted on the members-only, password-protected part of the NAME website after the Board of Directors has approved the concept of the paper. The drafts are then open for NAME member (not public) review and comment to the author(s) in accordance with NAME policy. There are still many steps in the position paper process before these documents can be submitted to our journal as NAME-endorsed or provided to anyone outside of NAME.

Releasing draft papers, which have not yet been edited by the authors or received final NAME Executive Committee and Board of Directors approval, is NOT appropriate. To characterize them as the official position of NAME prior to their approval by the BOD would not be factual.

NAME Position Paper Process 2022

Administrative Position Papers (no sunset date)


  1. Medical Examiner, Coroner, and Forensic Pathologist Independence 03-2013 (Renewed 04-2023)
  2. Recommendations for the Documentation and Certification of Disaster-Related Deaths 10-2022
  3. Second Autopsies (03-2023)
  4. Investigation and Certification of Pediatric Deaths from Environmental Neglect 10-13-2023

Scientific Position Papers (Sunset in 5 years)

  1. Deaths in Custody 10-2017 (Renewed until 2027)
  2. Recommendations for the Investigation and Certification of Deaths in People with Epilepsy (Renewed until April 2028)
  3. Recommendations for the Investigation, Diagnosis, and Certification of Deaths Related to Opioid and Other Drugs 2019 - 2024

Position Statements
Excited Delirium Statement 3/2023
NAME Position Statement re Forensic Autopsy Performance Standards 1-2021
NAME Position Statement on Disaster Victim Identification in Mass Fatality Incidents 7/2020
ME/C Personnel as First Responders 4-9-2020
Organ and Tissue Transplantation 8-2019
Autopsy Performance Standards 09-2014
Death Certification 09-2014
Collection, Retention, and Disposition of Biologic Specimens 11-2008
Medical Examiner Involvement in Bioterrorism Surveillance 11-2001
Veteran Status of Unclaimed Decedents 10-2001
Support of Repealing Certain Religious Exemption Laws 03-2001
Opposing Autopsy Observation as a Form of Punishment 03-2001
National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) 01-2001
Forensic Pathologist Testimony In Out of Jurisdiction Legacy Cases 10-02-15