Forensic Consultants

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This list is offered as a service to members of the public seeking a pathologist to perform an autopsy or perform forensic consultation. The list consists of members of the NAME who expressed an interest in private consultations or performing autopsies on a fee-for- service basis. All list members are pathologists, and none has paid to be included on this list.
The NAME has not investigated the training or experience of any individual on this list. Before engaging the services of any such individual, please conduct your own investigation and assessment of the qualifications of that individual. THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY INDIVIDUAL ON THE LIST AND HEREBY DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACTIONS OF SUCH INDIVIDUAL.
This list is provided in the hopes of providing families with opportunities and options.
If you are interested in being included in the NAME Autopsy and Consulting Fee-for-Service List please email contact information.


American Forensics
PO Box 550846
Dallas, TX 75355

Shiping Bao, MD
Forensic Pathologist
Urbana, Illinois
Cell: 217-693-8162
Email: [email protected]

Forensic Consultant, Record Reviews
Contact Julie Cina: 970-310-5197
[email protected]

Kendall Von Crowns, M.D.
Austin, TX
[email protected]
Gary Dale MD
[email protected]
(406) 540-3188

Francisco J. Diaz, MD FCAP
Anatomic & Forensic Pathology Consultant LLC
[email protected]
Detroit, MI

Joseph A. Felo, D.O.
Cleveland, OH
[email protected]

Lee Ann Grossberg, M.D.
Forensic Pathology Consultation Services, P.A.
1127 Eldridge Parkway, Suite 300-386
Houston, Texas 77077
(281) 650-6527

Charles M Harvey, MD
Clinical, Anatomic, and Forensic Pathology consultations
518 Fabra Street, #2131
Boerne, Texas.  78006
409-771-2075; 830-331-4597
[email protected]

Lindsey Harle, MD
Hawaii County, Hawaii
[email protected]

Heather Jarrell, MD
Forensic Pathologist and Neuropathologist
Neuropathology Consultation Service,
Office of the Medical Investigator
Albuquerque, NM
(505) 272-3053 (Main)

Knight Forensics, PLLC
Laura Knight, MD - Board-certified forensic pathologist (AP/CP/FP)
 - Located in Reno, NV
 - Consultative reviews, expert testimony
 - (No private autopsy service)
Contact:  [email protected]

Katherine Maloney, MD
Nickel City Forensics LLC
PO Box 114
Getzville, NY  14068
[email protected]

RAM Consulting LLC
Roger A. Mitchell Jr. MD FASCP
[email protected]

Yvonne I. Milewski, MD
PO Box 750280
Forest Hills, NY  11375
[email protected]

Darren Monroe, MD
[email protected]

Brad Randall, M.D.
2441 E Stanton Dr.
Sioux Falls, SD  57103
[email protected]

Carolyn H. Revercomb, MD, FCAP, D-ABP
Consultation and review services: Forensic Pathology, Neuropathology
P.O. Box 125
Somers Point, NJ  08244
[email protected]

Amy Sheil, MD
Pediatric and Forensic Pathologist
Associate Medical Examiner
Waukesha County Medical Examiner Office
515 West Moreland Blvd.
Waukesha WI 53188
(262) 548-7575
[email protected]

Jeffrey R Springer, MD
Louisville KY
[email protected]

Final Diagnosis, Inc.
Forensic Pathology consulting, review, and private autopsies
Private full service autopsy laboratory with conference facility
Daniel Schultz, MD  President AP/CP/FP Board Certified.
Medical Licenses in Florida, Michigan, and Ohio
Unit E-20 501 South Falkenburg Road
Tampa, Florida 33619
Admin phone:  727-639-1897 (Marcie)
Fax:  813-830-7420
Email: [email protected]

Michael R. Steckbauer MD
2850 SW. 154th Ave
Davie, Fl.  33331
[email protected]

Lindsey Thomas, M.D.
Minneapolis, MN
[email protected]

Steven White, MD, PhD
[email protected]
Chicago, IL

Karl E. Williams, MD, MPH
1528 Marlborough Ave
Pittsburgh PA 15217

White Mountain Forensic Consulting Services
Contoocook, NH  03229

Greenwich Forensic MD, LLC
PO Box 112749
Stamford, CT 06911
[email protected]

Donald R. Jason, MD, JD
Forensic Pathologist
I will not perform autopsies
Consultation re:  Cause of death in civil and criminal litigation
Survivorship litigation for conscious pain and suffering
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Cell: (336) 414-8226
Email: [email protected]