Other Meetings of Interest

NAME will post notices of forensic meetings without charge. Information regarding the process is available here

Aviation Disaster Response – Federal Support for the Medicolegal Authority
November 30, 2021: 12:30PM -4:30PM EST; Virtual

Explores the federal resources accessible to the medicolegal authority to support victim identification efforts following a commercial airliner accident in which the NTSB leads the investigation.  Establishes the criteria for an aircraft accident to meet the federal family assistance legislation, and the initial response actions by the NTSB.  Introduces the processes and assets/capabilities available from the FBI, DMORT, and AFMES.

For more information visit https://ntsb.zoomgov.com/meeting/register/vJIscempqT0pE67rKzebn_P0SSVf4NutSgg

Death Investigation: Fitting the Pieces of the Puzzle

The 2021 Death Investigation conference is set to take place virtually (with an in-person option as well) on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021. This conference focuses on the latest developments in forensic science and forensic medicine, which should lead to improved outcomes in death investigations. Whether investigating a crime scene, interviewing witnesses, or assessing clinical information, participating in this conference will better prepare you to work with multiple pieces of the puzzle.

The 2021 annual conference will include timely sessions that outline the intricacies of pediatric death cases. Please review the brochure, linked here, for more details.

Registration and More Details Here (https://www.easternahec.net/courses-and-events/65860/death-investigation-fitting-the-pieces-of-the-puzzle)

2021 ACMT Seminar in Forensic Toxicology: December 16-17 | Virtual

More information https://www.acmt.net/ForensicOverview.html

The AAFS 2022 Annual Scientific Conference: February 21 - 25, 2022
Seattle, Washington

More information https://aafs.org/AAFS/Meetings/Annual-Scientific-Conference.aspx


The purpose of this asynchronous, VIRTUAL course is to provide training in medicolegal death investigation in an on-demand course setting. In this course, medical examiners, toxicologists, and other forensic practitioners provide detailed information regarding the type of information that should be collected during death investigations.  Anyone who plays a role in the investigation of medicolegal deaths can benefit from this course. 

This 40-hour asynchronous course prepares both novice and seasoned investigators to effectively and efficiently process a death scene and gather pertinent information. 

Participants must be currently employed in a position such as funeral director, coroner, death investigator, law enforcement, SANE Nurses, or other medicolegal field to register for this course. 

We offer continuing education certificates from various accrediting agencies. College credit can also be earned with additional activities and fees.

For additional information, please view our website:  https://slu.cloud-cme.com/course/courseoverview?P=1&EID=12286


We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for our new virtual lecture series entitled Advanced Topics In Medicolegal Death Investigation (ATDI).This fully virtual lecture series will provide a 1 to 1 ½ hour live lecture each month, via zoom, on a specific topic pertinent to Medicolegal Death Investigation. After each ATDI lecture, speakers will be available for an interactive Q&A session. 

Registration is required to attend each session, and Continuing Education Credits will be available for participants. Anyone who has completed the SLU Basic Medicolegal Death Investigation course will be eligible to take the ATDI Course. You may register for individual sessions or register to attend the entire series of six sessions.

We offer continuing education certificates from various accrediting agencies for individual sessions or the seven-session series.

For additional information, please view our website: https://slu.cloud-cme.com/course/courseoverview?P=0&EID=12470