Amicus Briefs

NAME Amicus briefs and important cases

Here are links to cases of importance to forensic sciences and Medical Examiners including cases where NAME filed Amicus Curiae:

Randall v. Maricopa County and Horn

Horn-Brief of Amici Curiae-NAME and CAP 01-30-13

Horn-Order granting amici NAME and CAP 01-30-13

Albrecht v. Treon

06-05-08 Albrecht v Treon-US District Court So. Ohio

08-24-10 Albrecht v Treon-6th circuit court of appeals

Bullcoming v. NM

01-17-11 Bullcoming v. NM-amicus NDAA et al (SCOTUS)

01-26-12 Bullcoming v. NM-11th circuit court of appeals

06-23-11 Bullcoming v. NM-SCOTUS writ of Certiorari (NM Supreme Court reversed)

06-23-11 Bullcoming v. NM-dissent (SCOTUS Kennedy)

06-23-11 Bullcoming v. NM-concurrence (SCOTUS Sotomayor)

06-23-11 Bullcoming v. NM-opinion (SCOTUS Ginsburg)

06-23-11 Bullcoming v. NM-syllabus

Crawford v. WA

03-08-04 Crawford v. Washington writ of Centiorari to SCOTUS

03-08-04 Crawford v. Washington concurrence (SCOTUS-Rehnquist)

03-08-04 Crawford v. Washington opinion (SCOTUS-Scalia)

03-08-04 Crawford v. Washington syllabus

Melendez-Diaz v. Mass

06-25-09 Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts-writ of Certiorari to SCOTUS

06-25-09 Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts-concurrence (SCOTUS Thomas)

06-25-09 Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts-dissent (SCOTUS Kennedy)

06-25-09 Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts-opinion (SCOTUS Scalia)

06-25-09 Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts-syllabus

Confronting the Dead - The Testimonial Status of Autopsies After Melendez-Dias and Bullcoming

Picon v. San Mateo

06-22-10 Picon v County of San Mateo-CA 1st appellate district (Judgement for county and Benson)

Waeschle v. Dragovic

07-22-09 Waeschle v Dragovic US Court of Appeals 6th District

05-20-10 NAME Amicus-Waeschle v Dragovic

07-22-09 Waeschle v Dragovic decision (US Court of Appeals 6th District)

08-23-10 Waeschle v Dragovic Amicus Curiae (MI State Medical Society)

09-19-08 Waeschle v Dragovic granting in part summary judgement (US District Court Eastern MI)

Williams v. Illinois

10-01-10 Williams v. Illinois-Writ of Certiorari to SCOTUS

10-26-11 Williams v. Illinois-NDAA and NAME Amicus briefs
Williams v Illinois Decision

IA v. Tyler
IA Supreme Court 13-0588-IA v. Tyler

Here are the opinions of the 4 cases in which NAME filed an amicus brief (all were decided in NAME's favor):

1a)  Albrecht v Treon, 118 Ohio St.3d 348, 2008-Ohio-2617 [Internet]. [cited 2011 Sep 29]. 27p.

Available from:

1b)  Albrecht v Treon, 6th Cir. 2010; No. 09-3703 [Internet]; [cited 2011 Sep 29]. 12p.

Available from:

2) Waeschle v Dragovic, 576 F.3d 539 (6th Cir.2009; No.08-2228) [Internet]; [cited 2011 Sep 29]. 16p.

Available from:

3)  Picon v County of San Mateo, 185 Cal.App.4th 1179 (2010) [Internet]; [cited 2011 Sep 29]. 15p.

4) Macrelli v Children’s Hospital, 451 Mass 690 (2008) [Internet]; [cited 2011 Sep 29]. Available from:

5) Shipley v NYC (right of sepulcher)

     NAME Amicus Brief Shipley v NYC OCME APL-20O3-00345
     Shipley-New York Court of Appeals-NAME amicus 12-16-14

     Shipley-New York Court of Appeals-NAME amicus-Davis letter 12-16-14

     DECISION Shipley v City of New York

6) Dean v. Phatak

     Dean v. Phatak-Amicus Brief as filed

Here are additional Amicus briefs of importance to forensic pathologists:

Medina v. AZ Amicus by Innocence Project 2013
Marlon Osbourne, MD and the City of Philadelphi Office of the Medical Examiner v Administrators of the Estate of Ms. Greenberg 2022